Made by Citizens Objects

This page displays objects imagined and created by citizens as part of the NANO2ALL  citizen dialogues in France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden in 2017 . These objects helped citizens explore possible future directions of nanotechnology development in the application fields of Nanotextiles, Brain-machine interfaces and Nanomedicine and discuss potential impacts of these future directions and their desirability.

Doctor Plupp

Doctor Plupp is a device specifically developed for children that checks and restores vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Each morning, the child has to blow into the tube. The air is then analysed and parents can immediately see what substances the child lacks. Inside the device, there is a storage with many types of nano-encapsulated substances. When a lack of a certain substance is detected, Doctor Plupp will release the required substances and the child will receive them upon another inhale through the tube.

Sit, Safe and Relax

This object is a seat lining that can be used in public transport and eventually also in private cars. The seat lining has adopted nanotechnologies to create antibacterial properties and to autonomously neutralize harmful particles, which may derive from the continuous passage and usage of seats by the many people who travel in public transport. This lining also has breathability properties and is able to release the heat to ensure that it remains fresh and comfortable to sit on. In addition, it will be self-cleaning and eco-friendly, since it is made out of organic cotton and other sustainable and eco-compatible material. Lastly, the seat is equipped with a device for aromatherapy and listening to music.

Tele-transmission flower

This is a device that enables information exchange from one brain to another. The flower can direct nanoparticle into someone’s brain that can extract certain information from that brain. This information is communicated to the flower device and is then transferred using a nanoparticle to someone else’s brain. With this device, sales assistants in stores can immediately understand what the customers are looking for. In schools, teachers will be able to immediately understand what a pupil is thinking about and why it is or isn’t easy for him/her to do the exercises. Users will have full control when to open or close the tele-transmission with the other.

Smart & safe glasses

This device is designed to warn people when their level of concentration and focus is too low to do a certain task such as car-driving or performing an operation on a patient. The device consists of a nanochip in the brain that measures an individual’s level of concentration. This information is communicated to a pair of glasses that the individual needs to wear while performing the task. If the concentration level drops below a certain level, a warning message will appear on the glasses and the individual is required to take a rest.

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Clean & Smell

This is a tissue that is not only capable of absorbing and transforming dirt particles – thus not needing any cleaning – but which turns dirt into nice smells. It can be placed over a carpet or inserted into any other interior decoration items such as bed sheets, mattress covers or car mats. The dirtier the user’s house gets, the nicer it will smell once “clean & smell” has been activated.


This object is a helmet equipped with electrodes for all parts of the brain. It functions as a central and external interface which can be connected by cable to objects such as books, paintings, or museum visits in order to enhance one’s experience of those objects, reliving past experiences, experiencing new sensations or boosting one’s own sensations for an immersive experience. Imagine connecting to a scary book and feeling fear or reading a passage about food while tasting the flavours and smelling the food. The object can be more than just entertaining – it can help one learn lessons from the past by reliving those conditions and be able to, learn more deeply.

Telepatía (Telepathy)

This object is a small earring or ring, or another accessory that can read brain waves and communicate telepathically and non-verbally with other people in a targeted fashion. The device interphase would be in one’s mobile phone, allowing users to choose with whom to share their own images and sensations and from whom to receive similar information.

Nutritional Controller

This object is a nano-biosensor introduced in one’s arteries to measure the level of nutrients such as potassium or vitamin C. It sends the signals to a smartphone or other connected interphases such as smart fridges that alert the user of potential deficiencies and advises them on how to remedy the problem. This device can help people with anaemia, diabetes or those who suffer allergies, which can be detected in the blood.

Mental Key

This is a nano-object made of graphene that re-stimulates neurons with the same function or reconnects damaged brain areas to the rest of the nervous system so that brain capacity/functions that have been lost due to injuries can be regained.

Relationship Facilitator

This object is made of two external devices, a ring that contains the device interphase and a needle-like device that is inserted in the earlobe and whose tip contains a graphene molecule sensitive to emotions and ideas, being tuned into various sensorial cells. The “facilitator” can be activated during a conversation: information on the wearer’s emotions is sent to the ring, “translated” and presented in a descriptive and clear way. The ring also serves as a sender and receiver of information generated by other people. A tactile screen presents different areas to act on or take decisions about. The end result is that two people having a social interaction can check how their relationship or interaction on a particular topic, potentially helping to preserve friendships and avoid familiar tensions.

Blood Coagulation Nano-sheet

This is a model of a self-assembling sheet for repairing damaged blood vessels. This medicine is designed for individuals with blood clotting deficiencies and is injected into the blood as a liquid where it circulates uninterruptedly. Coagulation is triggered by contact with air and starts from the edges of the wound towards its centre. The molecule self assembles as a sheet covering the surface of the wound and preventing blood loss.

Textile Exoskeleton

This object is an external skeleton, or exoskeleton, made out of a light, flexible and resistant textile material that takes the shape of a suit and supports the extremities of a person or even their entire physical structure. Via electric pulses that come from its central station, this object could even trigger movements in a person. Its purposes are essentially medical in nature, including to help elderly people with reduced mobility or problems such as osteoporosis. However, it can also help relieve the pressure placed on the body’s physical structure by arduous tasks such as classic workman jobs or by jobs that involve repetitive movements, allowing those using it to be less tired while they work.

Nano Textile Coating

Enhanced with nanoparticles with antibacterial properties that release electric input to make the material go back to its original shape after use, Nano Textile Coating is a self-cleaning, easy-to-iron and quick-to-dry tissue. This product can be used in multiple fields: not only in hospitals but also in restaurants, for table clothes that clean themselves and do not need ironing. Not only would this save time, but it has the potential to lead to less consumption of detergents, water and energy. Certain unsustainable behaviours can be avoided to lessen the impact on the environment.

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Restoring vision

The object shows an eye where a nano-device has been inserted. It connects to the brain with sensors that can restore vision. This object was inspired by the story of a boy born blind, who is seeking more autonomy. After this implant, he can move safely without a dog or a stick. He is more autonomous in public transportation. Now he can run after the bus, and he can read the bus timetable (which does not necessarily prevent him from being late …) (created by a 12 year-old participant).

Geoscreen safe&control

This glove made of nano-tech textiles has an accessory that is connected with all the Earth’s satellites and receives from them different kind of inputs. By interacting with the glove, the device and the satellites, people can find answers to different questions related to the weather, the tides or the movement of migratory birds. More than this, they can feel, in real time, what is happening in any from any place or point on Earth. In case of disasters, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and fires, people in other locations can intervene or issue an alert.


Lumitissue is a double tissue. Externally, it emanates light at variable intensities, depending on the ambient light. The less ambient light is found in the environment, the more Lumitissue produces light. Internally, it protects the skin, so it makes people comfortable. Clothes made of Lumitissue can make the wearer more secure in a dark environment. At night, in an unlit street, upon meeting an unknown person, the wearer may activate Lumitissue so that others can see her/him and her/his interaction does not happen anymore in the dark.


This object is a clothing item and it adapts itself to the shape of one’s hand, foot or head, becoming a glove, a sock, or a hat depending on how it is used. It is made of a tissue that is water-repellent, self-heating, anti-infection and anti-bacterial for both the user and people who come in contact with it. Mapite can be used in sanitary field or in whatever circumstances when one needs to protect the skin from extreme temperatures, infections or water. Moreover, it has the advantage of not being of single-use: each person has its own and can reuse it multiple times, reducing waste. And, in this case, one size does fit all, as the material is elastic and adaptable.

Medical clock

This object is a nano-tissue that can interact with the skin for a variety of functions. It can contain a capsule with drugs whose release into the body is managed through the wrist band upon the instructions of medical professionals. In addition, the clock can monitor various basic bodily functions and parameters such as the user’s pulse, glycaemia index or blood pressure. In case of deficiencies or anomalies, it may even send out a remote alarm or redress these by administering medicine, vitamins or other substances. The medical clock can guarantee patients who cannot take medicine on their own, or who might forget, such as Alzheimer patients, receive their medicine at the right time.

Electromagnetism filter

This object shows an electromagnetism filter that can be inserted into everyday tissues such as the cloth of T-shirts, pyjamas and everyday clothes. It is another application of current nanotechnologies used today to create external gadgets that protect from electromagnetic radiation. This filter does not completely block electromagnetic waves but ensures overall well-being by removing the negative effects of those waves.

First Aid Blanket

This is the first aid blanket that rescues people. Thanks to a green layer that adapts to a person’s body, it will be able to scans their physical state, identifying broken bones, fractures or injuries. The blanket can also cool down or warm up body temperature and has a layer that can patch up wounds and stop the bleeding. It is also equipped with a computer interphase that indicates the patient’s health problems, indicates body parameters and suggests appropriate medication. Ambulances as well as hospitals and other healthcare facilities will be equipped with it.

Nano-tooth substance

This object represents a substance that can be injected in human teeth and which can repair cavities from caries or other damage. This means that people do not have to brush their teeth at all, because every dental problem fixes itself. Thanks to this object, dental health has become more accessible to all members of society.

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Repairing the optical nerve

This object represents the human eye and the green is the optical nerve that has been severed, visible in red. A substance based on nano-technology is injected in the optical nerve to reconnect or heal it so that vision can be restored.

Dr. Relief

Dr. Relief is an object that has nano-particles of different colours surround, like shells, the cells and areas that feel pain and deliver medicine. This allows the local, targeted treatment of pain. A display on the skin allows people to obtain detailed information such as the strength of the pain, the number and surface area of cells affected and how much pain medicine is being administered.

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Nano-robot vacuum cleaner

This object is a small nano-robot that acts as a kind of nano-vacuum cleaner that absorbs or dissolves the plaques that develop in the brain of dementia and Alzheimer patients, or viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream. Its nano-propeller takes it though the brain barrier and its adaptability allows it to navigate in the brain. A receptor identifies the affected areas of the brain where the different medicine contained in the nano-robot can be delivered.

Synaps Replacement

Synaps Replacement uses two objects both related to memory, one to restore it when it begins to fail, by using nanotechnology to increase the connectivity at the level of the synapses, and another to repair it when something has happened by implanting a sensor or a chip, a personal thesaurus which would contain all the information relevant and necessary to the person in question. These devices are important for restoring autonomy for those with memory problems.

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Stroke alert

This is an earring that contains a brain sensor for patients who have already suffered a stroke (a cerebrovascular accident) and can be worn behind one’s ear. It is capable of automatically transmitting an alert signal to an ambulance when the signs of an impending stroke appear.

PlayStation 6 – nano bidi

This object allows the player to have a “multi-directional” experience with a character from a movie or a videogame including feeling their emotions, experiencing their environments and interactions etc. For example, if one’s character dives into the water, one will have the impression of being completely wet. It is the nano-sensors that will act as an antenna, transmitting all these sensations and making the interaction possible.

Intelligent Curtain

This object is an intelligent curtain that able to control the infiltration of sunrays by means of the built-in sensors. The curtain has a built-in clock, alarm, and thermometer that displays outside temperature, all operated by remote control. When the clock triggers the alarm in the morning, the curtains open to let sunrays in to energize users. The remote control enables users to regulate natural lighting throughout the day. In the summer, the curtain will reduce sunrays and the room will not warm up. A built-in device is able to change the curtains colour to match every room style. Moreover, the curtains will be practical in everyday usage as they are made of fibres that self-clean themselves in the presence of the sunrays.

Baby Friend

Baby Friend is dedicated to new-borns, babies and children too young to communicate their needs and pains. New-borns are dressed in this soft, pleasant to touch and machine-washable clothing that is adaptable and stretches as the baby’s body grows. Nanotechnologies measure body parameters and send this information to a mobile app, translating it into messages such as “I’m cold” (while instantaneously warming to address this need), or “hug me”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty”, “I’m sleepy”. For example, if the baby is sweating, the body friend device knows it as well and controls their body temperature. In general it takes care of the baby’s safety and comfort, monitoring their level of stress. Baby Friend” is the beginning of a wider product range for different age and social groups. It can be employed to the persons that are sick, in coma and those requiring palliative care.

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Underwear for allergy sufferers

This product is for people who want to diagnose and heal their allergies. It is a fashionable item made of friendly materials with nanoparticles coating that will communicate with some sensors hidden in their decorative elements. It stores data on our reaction on environmental factors, monitoring, for example, the reaction of the body to pollen. This helps doctors improve their diagnosis. Moreover, thanks to its processors and special coating, such clothing can release some medication previously stored in it. The product is washable once its scanners are detached. Overall, such underwear could be used to improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers as it will have diagnostic and healing purposes.

Skin that shapes

This product is a second skin that is placed on the body. It lets people re-shape their body by moving the layers of fat from unwanted zones to the places where it is desirable or by removing wrinkles. The Skin is linked to an electronic device that calculates the good proportions of fat and suggests body shapes. Manual changes can also be executed by applying pressure to the area one wants to shape. The advanced version of this product will reduce excessive body fat as well. The product competes with the services of aesthetic medicine facilities and all cosmetics firms. However, it also has important health applications for people with certain skin injuries, for example those resulting from surgery, or with severe burns.

Sport suit for sportsmen

This sport suit that based on different nanotechnologies is intended to provide security during sport activities and to guarantee sport success. Sensors like the pulse oximeter monitor body functions and relay the data online so that training progress can be constantly monitored. The gear is also compatible with special cooling and heating coating that regulates body temperature. Those parts of the sports suit protecting body parts sensitive to bruises and injuries from falling, are equipped with nanotechnology devices that give the material better resistance and allow the force of fall to be spread alongside the tissue, reducing contusions. There are special ducts in the tissue that allow sports people to go against” the wind and run upwind smoothly and effortlessly. This product can be used beyond the field of sports, such as by mountain rescuers, paramedics, firefighters and policemen who work in extreme conditions.

“Nice to catch you” liquid

This object is a ball containing viscous, plasticine -like liquid that covers waste and bonds it in a compressed form that contain nanoparticles and enable biodegradation. As a consequence, not only is the volume of waste reduced but so are microbes and bad smell. This object is sold in round-shaped portions and sizes adapted to various uses. For household needs, it comes in small sizes while industrial usage requires bigger ones.

Net fibres used in architecture

This object is an application of nanotextiles in architecture Nano-fibre netting that is pasted on building structures to reinforce and help maintain their structural integrity for longer and reduce humidity. In time, nano-fibres will infiltrate the building structure, requiring no further applications of the netting. This product is used on old residences and blocks of flats, tenement and antique houses as well. It helps restorers do their work, enables savings and more comfortable housing.