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Industry and NANO2ALL

Industry representatives play a big role in advancing responsible research and innovation (RRI) in nanotechnology. NANO2ALL activities have involved such groups, including businesses and their associations, that shared their experience and perspectives with us in regard of RRI and its implementation in the field of nanotechnology development. This important information allows us having a better view on the drivers and barriers to RRI in this domain, and defining together required directions of change for the further adoption of RRI.

If your business involves products incorporating nanotechnologies or is an entity supporting such businesses, connect with the project on social media for live debates and online discussions, and we will make sure to bring your needs and concerns to the relevant policy makers, researchers and other groups.

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Download the NANO2ALL Roadmap here: recommendations for decision-makers to improve responsiveness and societal engagement in nanotechnology research and innovation processes (available in English from April 2019)

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