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Policy makers and Research funders

Policy makers (governments, national and international authorities, ministries, parliamentary representatives, regulatory agencies, standards organisations) and research funders (governments corporations, venture capitalists, institutional investors) are frequently required to make decisions about nanotechnology related aspects despite the existence of uncertainty about the outcomes of their decisions in certain cases. Over the past two decades, the engagement of different stakeholder groups in policy making has been increasingly encouraged as a way to improve these decision outcomes in areas of environmental risks such as air pollution, genetically modified organisms, climate change and nanotechnology.

Applying this philosophy, NANO2ALL offers the opportunity for policy makers and research funders to learn more about the concept of responsible research and innovation (RRI) - including public engagement – as well as of its advantages for their activities and will provide them with RRI tools and best practices.

Through NANO2ALL they will also engage in dialogue with different societal groups, that will make them more aware of the views, expectations and concerns of these communities with regard to the benefits and risks arising from the use of nanotechnology, as well as how the public perceives these risks, and how these perceptions differ from expert opinions. These multi-stakeholder dialogues will also deliberate the values and purposes underlying a responsible technological future for nanotechnology and articulate those innovation trajectories that are likely to advance into responsible nanotechnology applications.

These trajectories incorporated into an innovation agenda as well as a roadmap containing the actions required to enhance societal engagement in nanotechnologies will be provided to policy-makers and research funders at national and EU level. Both tools will facilitate their decision-making, taking into consideration the needs, values and expectations of diverse groups of the society.

The Nano2All project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement Number 685931.
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