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About this webspace

This is your space to learn more and express your views, concerns and needs. With Nano2all you can express your thoughts and even develop your knowledge on the nanotechnology field. You can get involved in live debates and online discussions, and we will make sure that we bring your voice to the relevant policy makers and researchers.

Let’s get started: explore the Nano-Spaces below and find eContent materials, interactive resources on nanotechnology and very importantly, a space to share your precious point of view.



NanoKomic, the first participative nanofiction comic, presents… “The Power of Nanoscience” [+]
Everything you need to know about the wonders of nanotechnology... as a musical... with puppets... [+]
Explore over 3,000 products in the Nanodatabase, a tool developed by DTU Environment, the Danish Ecological Council and Danish Consumer Council [+]
Open your desk drawer – There is nanotechnology in the white paper you use [+]
Get answers to your basic nanotechnology questions with this article on science and engineering at the scale of atoms and molecules [+]
A fluid that dances in response to the movements of a magnet? Watch this video to learn more about ferrofluid [+]
Wondering how nanotechnology research takes place? Have a look at Uppsala University (Sweden)’s work on Nanotechnology and Functional Materials. [+]
Want to “see” at the nano scale? Your phone mobile phone and this app are all you need (available for Android and Apple devices). [+]
NanoTube: 56 testimonies about nanotechnology from countries around Europe [+]
How does the Nano Future look to you? Here is one perspective narrated by Stephen Fry [+]

NANO2ALL flyer for Citizens

What does nanotechnology mean for our societies? This is the story of Mindy…

Water drops keep an almost spherical shape while racing down this race track covered with a superhydrophobic nanoscopic layer

6 teams take to the tracks in the world’s first Nanocar Race!

The Nano2All project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement Number 685931.
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