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NANO2ALL JRC SES game showcased at ECSITE 2017

The prototype version of the NANO2ALL scenario exploration game (adapted from JRC´s future simulation tool ‘Scenario Exploration System’ (SES)) was presented in the Gamelab of Ecsite Annual Conference 2017 (www.ecsite.eu). The game, which will be used as part of the multi-stakeholder dialogues, explores future nanotechnology scenario situations in the targeted application areas across multiple timelines. More importantly, the game allows participants to take different social roles associated with nanotechnologies, helping to imagine themselves in someone else´s shoes and comprehend the social dynamics developed due to stakeholders’ interaction. Learn more about the game in our Newsletter #2 to be accessed under “resources” of this website.

The Nano2All project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement Number 685931.
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